• Rose gardens

    Rose gardens

    Mireille’s exquisite garden

    Armfuls of roses, fragrant flowers of mock oranges and foliage in contrasting hues: this country garden in Lot-et-Gartonne offers a multitude of very delicate plant scenes.

  • Portfolio



    Photographed in the Roscoff Botanical and Exotic Garden in Finistère, watsonias are large bulbous plants that illuminate the summer blooms with their shimmering colors.

  • Rose gardens

    Rose gardens

    Gérenton, a natural choice

    At the foot of Mont Ventoux, this young farm dedicated to old roses cultivates and multiplies a wide range of varieties in an area deliberately kept semi-wild.

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    Wild wisteria in the wild

    The spring surprises in Marie-José Degas' garden come from the diversity of the first wisteria that she installed at the foot of the trees, and from the numerous hybrids whose spontaneous seedlings she allowed to develop, year after year.

  • Discovery


    Walk in the gardens of Aisne

    The beautiful landscapes and a rich history provide inspiration for many parks and gardens of interest in the Aisne department in Picardy.

  • At the heart of the vines

    At the heart of the vines

    An Eden between the vines

    At the gates of Bordeaux, the Pape Clément wine estate reveals a “grand cru” garden, dotted with works of art, which improves over the years under the watchful eye of its owner, Bernard Magrez.

  • Passion collection

    Passion collection

    Perennial geraniums, an extended family

    Dominique Evrard's garden in Normandy brings together several hundred taxa of perennial geraniums, an unparalleled collection where you can discover this family of discreet and subtle half-shade plants.

  • Botanical cration

    Botanical cration

    Five continents in one garden

    Australia, China, New Zealand, America... the Landrévarzec gardens host polychrome flora, arranged with a great sense of balance and lots of personality.

  • At the heart of the vines

    At the heart of the vines

    Under the wisteria waterfalls

    In her garden at Moulin de la Souloire in Bordeaux, Marie-José Degas gave free rein to her passion for plants, and in particular for trees and giant wisteria which express themselves freely there.

  • Rose gardens

    Rose gardens

    Margot's generous roses

    A whirlwind of roses frames this garden, where old varieties follow one another and those obtained from rose growers in the Lyon region.