• Garden History

    Garden History

    300 Years of Capability Brown

    This year Britain celebrates the 300th anniversary of the birth of Capability Brown, the legendary and prolific 18th century landscaper who left his unmistakable mark on over 250 parks and domains throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Contemporary Creations

    Contemporary Creations

    At the foot of the Alpilles

    Set against the superb background of the Alpilles hills in Provence, two vast gardens designed by the renowned French landscapter Dominique Lafourcade reveal their soothing blend of shades of green and grey. The first garden blends peacefully into a rural setting, while the second juxtaposes greenery and stone with great mastery.

  • Ground Cover for Dry Soil

    Ground Cover for Dry Soil

    Drought-tolerant low spreading plants

    Along the coast and around the Mediterranean, low spreading drought-resistant species are becoming an attractive alternative to the traditional lawn. Our selection here is from the Filippi nursery in the Languedoc region.

  • Vegetables and Shapes

    Vegetables and Shapes

    A Beautiful Kitchen Garden in Corsica

    Framed by lavender, the kitchen garden created for the Cala Rossa hotel in Porto-Vecchio on the island of Corsica by the landscapers Philippe Niez and Frédéric Bas features a unique and striking layout.

  • The Art of Landscapes

    The Art of Landscapes

    Laure Quoniam takes a look back at her career as a landscaper

    After thirty years of creating gardens and outdoor spaces, French landscaper Laure Quoniam shares her personal book with us and presents some of her most meaningful projects, including the new layout of the open spaces around the Pont du Gard.

  • The Chaumont International Gardens Festival

    The Chaumont International Gardens Festival

    The Chaumont sur Loire gardens festival looks at art and the future

    What will gardens look like in one hundred years from now? Submerged, flooded, stone or high-tech and nourishing? Over twenty teams made up of landscapers, designers and architects from France, Japan, China, Switzerland and Scotland reveal their ideas and imagination.

  • Design Sketchbook

    Design Sketchbook

    Structuring a space with plants

    The careful choice of vegetation and the configuration of hedges help to give a garden structure and fill in unwanted empty spaces.

  • Shows and Garden Events Summer 2016

    Shows and Garden Events Summer 2016

    Visual art, land and shows in the parks and gardens of France this summer

    Discover our 16-page guide to all the best goings-on in France relating to gardens this summer.

  • Portfolio


    Climbing Old Roses

    The Wichura rose (Rosa wichuraiana) favoured by growers at the beginning of the 20th century for creating climbing hybrids and robust liana roses., whose generous flowering illuminates gardens in late spring. We have selected some of the finest non-repeat flowering varieties still found in gardens.