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    Hibiscus are shrubs to be rediscovered for the vigor of their development and the generosity of their flowering, favoring species that are resistant to the cold when they cannot be sheltered in winter.

  • Exceptional garden

    Exceptional garden

    Vauville, an abundant exoticism

    The botanical garden of Vauville in La Manche is both the story of a passion for the acclimatization of exotic plants and of a successful transmission between three generations of gardeners.

  • Exceptional garden

    Exceptional garden

    Audrieu and its white garden

    In the heart of Bessin, the Audrieu castle reflects the softness of the Norman landscapes. Its white garden and lush green rooms designed by landscape designer Louis Benech over thirty years ago is still exemplary.

  • Peri-urban garden

    Peri-urban garden

    A contemporary space in Brittany

    Near Rennes, Cécile and Pascal Callarec have designed this peri-urban garden by favoring lattices of greenery and soft lines. The alternation of long, low hedges and soft-shaped shrubs gives the illusion of a large garden, on a surface that is quite constrained.

  • Sharing and ecology

    Sharing and ecology

    The teeming garden of a second-hand dealer

    Outdoor spaces can become a great pretext for increasing the fantasy of a garden combined with a precise use of plants. In the south of Alsace in Barr, the Garden of a Brocanteur provides a pleasing example.

  • Sharing and ecology

    Sharing and ecology

    Shared experiences at Saint-Jardin

    The Holy Garden of Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse displays a multiple vocation, between art, nature and food. A place devoted to well-being for all forms of life, conducive to the development of humans and plants.

  • Passion collection

    Passion collection

    Japanese saxifrages, little stars of the Rising Sun

    Olivier Galéa from the Under a Perched Tree nursery is passionate about the hybridization of Japanese saxiphrages, a large selection of which we present here with his varieties.

  • Discovery


    Yili a Chinese garden in Ile de France

    Inspired by the traditional Chinese garden, Yili imposes its ornate architecture, evoking the heritage sites of the city of Suzhou through several spaces and seeks to establish harmony between man and nature, through oriental landscape art.