• Fruit heritage 1

    Fruit heritage 1

    In the Var region, the memory of citrus

    Near the shores of Lavandou in the French Côte d'Azur, Francis Marmier has bought a forgotten orchard of old citrus where he regenerated the trees and made them produce again wonderful lemons, cinnamons, bitter oranges. A precious heritage of ancient species.

  • Spaces in suspension

    Spaces in suspension

    Jardins en marche, between land and mist

    Nursery men and designers Pascal Lecerf and Jean-Paul Agier have modified this large ground located inside the Creuse' country in the center of France to set up these futuristic series of terraces which transform everytime.

  • Exotic creations 1

    Exotic creations 1

    An amazing garden in the Pays de Loire

    Sébastien Guillet has a passion for exotic plants and he brought under the nice climat of Angers' country a large collection of palms, agaves and yuccas, wrapped in beautiful grasses. His garden is almost ten years old now and it demonstrates that the acclimatization of species coming from desert zones his very efficient by these times of climate trouble.

  • Winter blooming

    Winter blooming

    Helleborus orientalis, the magic winter flowers

    The Helleborus collection of french nurserywomen Martine Lemmonnier in Normandy is full of classic varieties and hybrids of her own, offering many subtle and beautiful flowers to illuminate the end of Winter.

  • Exotic creations 3

    Exotic creations 3

    XXL foliages

    Exotic plants provide large foliages and some of the best ways to shape the garden with new lines and volumes.

  • Exotic creations 2

    Exotic creations 2

    A jungle inspired by the Far-East

    The garden of landscape designers Stéphanie and Jean-François Taffin is full of travel souvenirs, like an invitation to sink into the exotic foliages from Bali and the other countries of Asia from which they brought some inspiration.

  • Fruit heritage 2

    Fruit heritage 2

    The precious collect of Pierre Racamond

    Nurseryman Pierre Racamond gathered thoughout his travels around the country and under other mediterranean climates a huge collection of trees producing edible fruits, from the most classical exotic ones to some astounding curiosities.

  • Garden discovery

    Garden discovery

    in the Nièvre county

    In this country of forests, rivers and lakes, gardens seem to be an obvious extension of the surrounding nature. In the green at large.

  • Portfolio



    La nérine, cette Amaryllidacée d’Afrique du Sud, est parfois appelée Lys de Guernesey, car elle abonde sur l’île anglo-normande. Elle demeure pourtant assez méconnue, sans doute en raison de sa faible résistance au gel. C’est une haute bulbeuse de terres sableuses voire arides. On peut l’adopter sans risque en bord de mer ou la cultiver en pot, où sa floraison fait merveille en fin d’été.