• Our 10th Anniversary!

    Our 10th Anniversary!

    10 Years of L'Art des Jardins

    We look back on an adventure that started in 2009 with a new approach to garden publishing: showing the creative wealth and diversity of today's gardens in France and telling the stories of the people who design and plant them.

  • Dry Gardens

    Dry Gardens

    Olivier Filippi, the Dry Garden Philosopher

    Botanist, nurseryman and writer, Olivier Filippi is a keen observer of Mediterranean flora and shows us the garden he has created in perfect balance with its setting.

  • Dry Gardens

    Dry Gardens

    Rockrose, perfect for dry soil

    These graceful bushes stand up to prolonged dry spells and bloom nonstop for many months.

  • Reinventing a landscape

    Reinventing a landscape

    The true spirit of Arpaillan Garden has been brought back to life

    Cathy de Cassière displays finds the perfect equilibrium for this terraced garden set in the woods amidst former watercress beds.

  • Reinventing a landscape

    Reinventing a landscape

    A garden sketched into the Normandy countryside

    In his private garden in the Perche region of Normandy, landscaper Philippe Dubreuil has created a leafy stage in harmony with its surroundings for expressing his authentic passion for plants.

  • Artists' Gardens

    Artists' Gardens

    Four gardens in Lorraine celebrate art

    As summer approaches, four gardens full of individuality near the city of Nancy serve as the perfect settings for art exhibitions.

  • The art of landscaping

    The art of landscaping

    Camille Muller's wild vegetable garden

    Tucked into the centre of town, this landscaper's refuge is a secret garden filled with memories in the spirit of his many creations.

  • Landscaper's Sketchbook

    Landscaper's Sketchbook

    Case study

    Lise Marchal shows us one of her own completed projects and walks us through the design process.

  • Discovery


    The gardens of Atlantis on the Azores

    With its forests of cryptomeria, hydrangea-filled woods, tea plantations and lush gardens, the Azores island of Sao Miguel is home to a collection of parks and gardens of extraordinary botanical wealth.

  • Portfolio



    These bushy plants in the Proteacaea family are a key element of the finbos, the heaths that carpet the rugged coasts of South Africa.