• Landscape sketchbook

    Landscape sketchbook

    A study for three small gardens

    After lessons and theory in previous issues, three proposals for three different situations of urban small gardens.

  • Landscape design

    Landscape design

    Nice and the challenge of a great Mediterranean metropolis

    In this section too: the amazing warmth of our partner garden in Chaumont, and the challenge of re-introduction of natural plants on the concrete of the ancient submarine's base in Saint Nazaire.

  • Discovery


    Kent, birthplace of English gardens

    Near France northwestern seaside, Kent region appears a summary of all english gardens, with impressive places like Sissinghurst and more private ones, letting anyone amazed when they enter their full coloured splendor in autumn.

  • The garden as a show

    The garden as a show

    Trauttmansdorff's botanic display

    Trauttmansdorff park in Italy is a huge place where garden features and botanic collections attract tens of thousands of visitors each year. The special climate of the location, mixing Mediterranean smoothness with South Tyrol mountain's condition, gives the place its interest for garden lovers.

  • Autumn colours

    Autumn colours

    Glowing fall at Berville

    In the gardens of Chateau de Berville, in the south of Paris, France Jobert assigned herself the task of renovating a huge park, introducing perennials and rares trees whose foliage offer a firework of warm colours this autumn.

  • Seafront gardens

    Seafront gardens

    Perennials for seaside

    Gardens need more than ever plants which can resist to permanent winds, salted air sprays, drought and heat waves. Here is a selection of winners.

  • Seafront gardens

    Seafront gardens

    Back from the beach

    A strong slope with a view on the nearby ocean in Brittany was rghe challenge for this garden designed by landscapists Cécile and Pascal Callarec.

  • Seafront gardens

    Seafront gardens

    The miniature

    In Brittany, landscape designer Erwan Tymen created this exquisite frame for an ocean view, the best way to arrange the small front of a traditionnal fisher's house.

  • Portfolio


    Rhododendrons and azaleas

    The same botanical family unites these species in a huge collection of slow growing and beautifully flowering plants. A world to discover and observe.

  • Urban garden

    Urban garden

    Chimonobambusa's path

    In her tiny garden near Lille, Martine Vandenbussche has set up a nice pathway through bamboos and water ponds, which provides the peaceful harmony of a rela japanese garden.