• Passion collection

    Passion collection

    On the planet of tillandsias

    These epiphytic plants or airplants make superb miniatures to grow indoors or outdoors, hanging from a support or a branch. Tillandsia Prod has established itself as the specialist in these vegetable pearls.

  • Discovery


    In the South of the Cévennes

    A journey away from the beaten track to discover exemplary gardens and creations.

  • Artists' garden

    Artists' garden

    A frame in blue and green

    In just a few years, Yan and Jean Grisot have created a colorful garden in the heart of Morbihan, a counterpoint to their previous Vallon du Brec in the hinterland of Nice.

  • Acclimatization


    Grevilleas and other southern pearls

    From the proteaceae family, Grevilleas display a surprising variety of flower shapes and colors, with green or gray leaves, in the shape of needles or ferns. The Parc Gonzalez collection in Bormes-les-Mimosas counts more than 70 among more than 200 existing varieties.

  • Chairoscuro foliage

    Chairoscuro foliage

    Around a pond, a Japanese atmosphere

    In a former quarry, La Guesnonnière, the garden designed by Michel Leforestier bears witness to a permanent quest for balance between shapes and colors, highlighting Asian plants through scenes reproducing the tranquility of Japanese temple gardens.

  • Portfolio



    Perennial ground covers that line cool, shady soils wonderfully, lungwort are distinguished by their beautiful downy, speckled and silvery foliage. They are covered in the spring with myriads of small flowers, especially in bright electric blues, but also in a beautiful variety of white, pale blue, pink or mauve colors that we have selected from the botanical collection of Pierre Lavalée (Jardin du Beau Pays).

  • Acclimatization


    Ideal trip to Australia

    For the past twenty years, southern plants have colonized Parc Gonzalez in Bormes-les-Mimosas, in the Var, at the initiative of landscape designer Gilles Augias and the complicity of Benoît Autenzio, the manager of green spaces. An impressive achievement.

  • Landscape art

    Landscape art

    In the Aix region, a challenge to extreme climatic conditions

    Revive a garden after the fire has passed? This is the bet of two gardeners from Provence who have been able to experiment with plants and cultivation techniques to bring their garden back to life and charm.

  • Chairoscuro foliage

    Chairoscuro foliage

    The transitions of Petit Bordeaux

    In thirty-five years, this garden has continued to transform with the inspiration of the moment. Michel Berrou strives to compose and recompose his vegetal paintings, specifying that one does not come to Petit-Bordeaux to see flowers but to "see landscapes", attractive from spring to autumn.