• The Gardens of the Alps

    The Gardens of the Alps

    Summer discoveries in the gardens of the Alps

    Summer is the time to visit the gardens of the Alps, and we take you to the Chambery region, which has several particularly lovely examples.

  • Portfolio



    Hemerocallis are often referred to as "day lilies" since the corolla they display magnificently in the morning is faded by the end of the day. For many years, the most common example was the abricot variety of the Hemerocallis fulva, but in fact there are many other varieties now available, from pale yellow to deep purple. The Spider varieties and their narrow blades are excellent additions to summer borders.

  • Hydrangeas


    Our panorama of a diverse and seductive genus

    The world of hydrangeas is so vast that it is always a pleasure to come back for another look and try to find the best varieties for each species. One thing's for sure: hydrangeas are the perfect summer solution of a shady corner or woodland understorey.

  • An AdJ Exclusive Report

    An AdJ Exclusive Report

    The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone as seen by a landscaper

    Eric Lenoir, landscaper and horticulturalist, was just in Ukraine to investigate the consequences on the vegetation of the city of Prypiat 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986.

  • Seaside Solution

    Seaside Solution

    A garden inspired by the coastline it overlooks

    Landscaper Clare Oberon imagined this Brittany garden as a transition between the sea lapping at its feet on one end and the rocky terrain that touches it on the other. Her mix of local species and exotics is spot on, and the overall effect is refreshing as an ocean breeze. 

  • The Art of Landscaping

    The Art of Landscaping

    Pascal Cribier, gardens of the soul

    Pascal Cribier possesed a rare talent for transforming whatever place he was asked to landscape into a truly unique garden in which he expressed his distinctive sense of sculpting with vegetation.

  • Chelsea Flower Show

    Chelsea Flower Show

    The 2016 event was full of sun and inspiration

    Given the dominance of English designers this year, the 2016 show seemed to recenter itself on its British identity and on gardens in which the hardscape is as important at the vegetation. Chelsea is as much about the pleasure of gardening as about the scenography of the mini-gardens, sometimes exuberant, even outright eccentric.

  • An Open-Air Gallery

    An Open-Air Gallery

    A game of hide-and-seek at Malrigou garden

    The Dordogne garden of the late ceramicist Pol Chambost lives on long after his passing and retains the spirit of discovery established by its creator, who used the garden as an open-air gallery to display works of numerous contemporary artists. Pol Chambost's son Philippe continues to care for his father's garden-gallery and organises shows and events in this beautiful corner of Perigord.

  • Landscaping Sketchbook

    Landscaping Sketchbook

    The art of hiding views

    This edition's Landscaping Sketchbook considers how to relate a garden to the surrounding landscape, either by integrating it visually or by creating a screen to block unwanted views, with reminders on the rules and regulations for planting vegetation on property boundaries.