• Discovery


    Flânerie à Bruxelles

    April reveals the radiance of spring in the botanical and historical gardens of Brussels. The Park of Grand Bigard, the royal greenhouses of Laeken, the botanical garden of Meise and its collections are among the great institutions to explore.

  • Today's rose gardens

    Today's rose gardens

    n the Paths of the Rose

    In the Anjou valley, the Chemins de la rose celebrate the queen of flowers in an English-style park and a very natural scenography, very different from classic rose gardens.

  • Today's rose gardens

    Today's rose gardens

    La Bouthière, roses galore

    The work of a colorist is revealed in this garden, where shades of blue and lilac punctuated with white are superimposed here in a skilful balance, establishing a dialogue between roses and perennial flowers.

  • Collection passion

    Collection passion

    In the enchanted world of orchids

    rom simple botany to inter-species hybrids, from the tiniest to the most voluptuous, the orchid has not finished dazzling us...

  • Porfolio



    Captured during the exhibition organized at the Parc floral de Paris last May, these known or rarer botanical and hybrid pelargoniums all originate from South Africa. Most of these varieties offer a spicy fragrance and their flowers are distinguished by their originality and subtle colors.

  • Contemporary design

    Contemporary design

    At the source of the imagination in the garden of Keriel

    In Brittany, an exceptional garden that combines precision and invention, around a succession of beds and paths all different, a real tour de force.

  • Mediterranean composition

    Mediterranean composition

    In the privacy of the gardens by Jean Mus

    Here are two very private creations by landscaper Jean Mus in the Pays de Grasse, where his personal style is expressed, combining the rigor of the layout with spontaneity.

  • Trend


    When roses emancipate

    The roses blend in better with the garden and gain height thanks to less radical pruning interventions that allow the shrub's vigor and floridity to express.