• Discovery


    Gardens of Haute-Saône

    A route far from the beaten track to discover exemplary gardens of Haute-Saône.

  • Botanical focus

    Botanical focus

    Daylilies, summer stars

    The diversity of this species, remarkable for flowering in summer, has long been overlooked for a long time. But hundreds of varieties are available today to the gardener.

  • Botanical focus

    Botanical focus

    Summer lace with panicled hydrangeas

    The Thyle nursery in Belgium offers a fine selection of around thirty early or late varieties of Hydrangea oaniculata, compact in size or very tall.

  • Passion hydrangea

    Passion hydrangea

    The hydrangea trails

    This garden dedicated to hydrangeas features hundreds of species and varieties, reaching a peak of flowering in July. Located in the Pays des Collines Natural Park, the Sentes de l'hydrangée is one of the largest collections in southern Belgium.

  • Passion collection

    Passion collection

    The attraction fo exotic sage

    Here is a sample of sumptuous sage to adopt in coastal areas and in mild winters.

  • Portfolio



    Flowers of the mountains and alpine pastures, knapweeds with feathery flowers are also invited in gardens. Plants in the sun or partial shade, perennials resistant to downy foliage, they always have aerial and brightly colored blooms.

  • Passion collection

    Passion collection

    the new gardens of Vaudinet

    In Normandy, this garden demonstrates the vitality of perennial flowers in an oceanic climate. A magical place in early summer, with several hundred daylilies to discover.

  • Field of experience

    Field of experience

    A garden dedicated to Mediterranean flora

    The garden of Sparoza in Greece has become the field of experience of the Mediterranean Garden Society for the observation of the behavior of mediterranean perennials, maintained without any fertilizer, pesticide or watering.

  • Field of experience

    Field of experience

    A garden for the sage

    The superb collection of sage from the Fleurs & Senteurs nursery has found refuge in the garden of Lynette and Louis Labeyrie in Arzon in Brittany.

  • A garden wood

    A garden wood

    The arboretum in the moutains

    Patient creation by Albert Gouby on the slopes of Forez, an extraordinary acclimatization arboretum.