• One collection, one passion

    One collection, one passion

    À la pépinière des Avettes, la prodigalité des espèces asiatiques

    Marion et Cédric Basset acclimatent de futurs merveilles de nos jardins.

  • Music and Gardens in Perfect Harmony

    Music and Gardens in Perfect Harmony

    Never was made a garden more enchanting...

    The garden of renowned conductor William Christie is set in the landscape like a musical score that harmonizes its classical layout with fancyful topiary. Ombra mai fu...

  • Yew, Me & Topiary

    Yew, Me & Topiary

    Just how far are yew willing to go?

    Far from being outdated, topiary can be given a contemparary and fanciful look, and yew, box and other species can be trimmed and trained in an incredibly number of ways.

  • Country Life

    Country Life

    Roses everywhere in this Burgundy garden

    In her garden in Burgundy, Tamara Stott has managed to create the ideal refuge for roses, setting them amidst handsome perennials for good measure.

  • A Collection for a True Passion

    A Collection for a True Passion

    The Karlostachys Jungle Garden lets uncommon exotics to get used to a new continent

    Charles Boulanger takes good care of his unique shade-loving species in the forest understory.

  • Country Life

    Country Life

    Hillside perennials, easygoing flowers for low altitudes

    Didier Thillaye Du Boulay at the Lac des Sapins nursery tests his perennials in an authentic natural setting to see how they resist cold and hot weather conditions.

  • A Contemporary Garden on the Mediterranean

    A Contemporary Garden on the Mediterranean

    A resculpted hillside near Grasse

    Landscapers Helen and James Basson created a garden on the Côte d’Azur by following the vast property's inherent lines.

  • Landscape Design

    Landscape Design

    Urban sensibilities

    Discover the art and passion of landcapers Camille Muller, Andrea Cochran, Arnaud Maurières, Eric Ossart and Jacques Coulon for designing city gardens.

  • Landscape Sketchbook

    Landscape Sketchbook

    Design sense

    How professional landscapers find ideas for unlocking a garden's style through observation and analysis in order to identify the future garden's core attributes and integrate them into the design.

  • Discovery


    Cordoba and its patios

    The patios de Cordoba are at the orgin of the art of enjoying a city garden in total privacy.

  • Portfolio



    These "damsels in petticoats", as they were once called in France, are a much more diverse bunch of ladies than the common offering of hybrids suggests, with a wide variety of enchanting forms and colours.