• Artists' Gardens

    Artists' Gardens

    The sparkling universe of two ceramists

    Plastic artists and gardeners, Jacques and Juliette Damville have transfigured space with multiple ceramics, and their garden of sculptures and metamorphoses is propelled a little beyond reality.

  • Artists' Gardens

    Artists' Gardens

    Alex Cassel and Malgorzata Paszko's green workshop

    Vibrant sculptures and two artist studios inhabit this valley where water channels the reflections. In this greenery suffused with softness, Axel Cassel and Malgorzata Paszko merged life and work, drawing their inspiration from nature.

  • Artists' gardens

    Artists' gardens

    Le jardin de la Noria, terrain d’expériences

    Designed by the landscape architects Arnaud Maurières and Éric Ossart in 2004, the Noria garden was extended a few years later by a “sculpture meadow” which gave rise to a hybrid place with a very special texture.

  • Portfolio



    Pelargoniums with fragrant foliage and a serrated, velvety, light or dark green, purple or silvery appearance offer surprising diversity.

  • Landscape art

    Landscape art

    The botanical park of Haute Bretagne

    Alain Jouno covers twenty-five hectares of botanical scenes with all the diversity of sources of inspiration, from the Western garden to the style effects of Asian gardens.

  • Plantes d’ombre

    Plantes d’ombre

    Acclimatations vagabondes en sous-bois

    Acclimatizing original plants of Asian origin in the undergrowth, the Vert ’Tige nursery opens its garden to us.

  • Botanic collection

    Botanic collection

    Chinese dogwoods, superb pagoda trees

    The stepped silhouette and the pyramidal port of the Cornus kousa make them the stars of spring. Singly or in groups, they catch the eye with their spring flowering as well as their fall colors.

  • Découverte


    The gardens of Barbados, jewel of the Caribbean

    Located in the eastern Antilles, Barbados enjoys a delicious climate, softened by the breeze of the trade winds, particularly favorable to gardeners who have installed superb tropical gardens there for several decades.

  • Shade plants

    Shade plants

    Rare beauties from Asia and elsewhere for shady gardens

    Native to Asia, some original plants like Tricyrtis are hardy and can be cultivated easily, renewing our palette of shade and partial shade plants.