• Discovery


    Around Lucca, the beautiful villa gardens

    In the northwest of Tuscany, the Lucca region experienced a flourishing period around the Renaissance, as evidenced by several country villas and their large parks inscribed in the chain of hills.

  • Romantic gardens

    Romantic gardens

    Autumn light in Berville

    It is in autumn that the tall grasses give the full extent of their volumes and their warm colors in the garden of Berville in Seine-et-Marne.

  • Romantic gardens

    Romantic gardens

    A new generation at the Sardy gardens

    Frédéric and Ninon Imbs continue the gardening and family work by extending the original garden with a dry garden adapted to climatic constraints.

  • Romantic gardens

    Romantic gardens

    Château Le Marrast and its sweet follies

    Inspiringly decorated neoclassical gardens have embellished the Château du Marrast for several decades. Labeled as 'Jardin remarquable' , they unfortunately face an uncertain future.

  • Art and nature

    Art and nature

    Le Domaine des Etangs revisited by Camille Muller

    At the Domaine des Étangs en Charentes, Camille Muller mixed pruned shrubs and patches of wild grass to combine an immersion in nature and the discovery of artistic creations.

  • Passion collection

    Passion collection

    The promises of Coutances dahlias

    The Coutances horticultural high school perpetuates a passion for the dahlia which has extended in recent years to a demanding hybridization finding its consecration in competitions and little by little in catalogs.

  • Mediterranean explorations

    Mediterranean explorations

    At the Rayol garden, botany in motion

    For more than three decades, the Domaine du Rayol in the Var has represented a garden of evolving ecosystems, allowing us to observe the astonishing adaptations of Mediterranean plants to drought and fire.

  • Contemporary horticulture

    Contemporary horticulture

    In England, Bridgewater is developing the gardens of the future

    The latest garden created by the RHS near Manchester brings together a brilliant display of contemporary gardens by landscaper Tom Stuart-Smith and a showcase of current horticultural techniques.

  • Portfolio


    Pacific Coast Iris Hybrids

    Photographed in the collection of Iris de la Baie by Jean-Claude Jacob in Finistère with his own varieties, these irises form compact groups with beautiful, well-opened flowers on robust stems.