• Botanical Variations

    Botanical Variations

    Large irises, a French specialty

    From the creations by the internationally renowned Richard Cayeux to little known cultivars by collectors and enthusiasts, great bearded irises are a source of an extraordinary palette of creativity throughout France.

  • Provence Heritage 1

    Provence Heritage 1

    The timeless charm of the Bastide de Romegas

    Epitomizing the spirit of the country estates surrounding Aix-en-Provence, the Bastide de Romegas has preserved the atmosphere of the pleasure gardens of 18th century Provence.

  • Provence Heritage 2

    Provence Heritage 2

    La Chabaude, a Luberon dream

    This highly stylized garden designed by landscaper Philippe Cottet is a model of simplicity and refinement. Many nuances of green and grey are brought into play, using a wide range of plant types and geometrical effects.

  • Trees for Spring

    Trees for Spring

    The irresistible flowering of ornamental cherry and apple trees

    The fleeting moment of their flowering marks the definitive arrival of spring: ornamental cherry and apple trees deserve a place of honour in every garden.

  • Flowers Across the Seasons

    Flowers Across the Seasons

    La Mothe garden, a touch of unruliness

    This garden in the Aveyron region is a blend of English and French garden traditions, with a pleasing nod to topiary art.

  • A Romantic Stroll in Italy

    A Romantic Stroll in Italy

    Ninfa, a garden for eternity

    Located south of Rome, Ninfa is a veritable romantic gem of a garden that shows off all its harmony in the month of April, when the cherry trees in full blossom scatter their petals with every light breeze.

  • Landscaper's Sketchbook

    Landscaper's Sketchbook

    Designing a small garden using a water feature

    Intersecting axes and water are ways of bringing a touch of imagination into a small garden and changing how space is perceived.

  • A Garden by Artists

    A Garden by Artists

    An interior open to the Normandy sky

    Dominique and Benoît Delomez’s garden in Athis-de-l’Orne, Normandy, takes you on a path that winds through a dreamlike series of scenes composed of greenery and highlighted by sculpture.

  • Portfolio



    Aquilegias, also known as columbines, are enchantingly simple. Aquilegia vulgaris is available in a variety of colours and comes back loyally every year without worry or fastidious care.