• Discovery


    The Fabulous Gardens of Devon and Hampshire

    The gardens of Devon and Hampshire include some of the world's most memorable: Rosemoor, Garden House, Hillier, Exbury… offering both inspiration and botanical wonder.

  • Portfolio



    This edition's portfolio takes you beyond the classics to discover the subtle shades of some of the rarer bougainvillea varieties from the CCVS collection in Cannebeth.

  • The Landscaper's Sketchbook

    The Landscaper's Sketchbook

    Making the Most of a Garden's Nooks and Crannies

    Many gardens have at least one nook or cranny nestled next the house or elswhere. These small spaces are often overlooked yet offer many possibilities for adding attractive and useful features to a garden.

  • The Art of Landscaping

    The Art of Landscaping

    Pascal Cribier: Between Art and Landscape

    Pascal Cribier's ‘The Itinerary of a Gardener’ has just been published in an English language version, while the Louvre Museum celebrated the illustrious landscaper with a colloquium on his life and work.

  • The Art of Landscaping

    The Art of Landscaping

    The Nantes Riverfront Transformed to Tell the Story of Plants

    Over one kilometre of riverfront along the Quai de la Fosse in Nantes has been redesigned to improve the quality of life of the city's inhabitants.

  • Historic Gardens Restored

    Historic Gardens Restored

    Picomtal, Nestled between Lakes and Alpine Pastures

    Picomtal is a 500-year-old castle with a garden that begged to be reinvented. Inspiration for the new garden was found both in Provence heritage and in the flora of the surrounding Alpine pastures.

  • Historic Gardens Restored

    Historic Gardens Restored

    The Renaissance of Saint Marcel de Félines

    Landscaping the grounds around this historic gem took time and patience. At last completed, this renovation has not only brought the castle's reflecting pool and enclosed garden back to life, but also introduces new green spaces.

  • Small Urban Spaces

    Small Urban Spaces

    In the Heart of Paris, a Patio Transformed into a Refreshing Oasis

    Véronique and Adlan Hérisson designed this garden in a forty square metre space with great finesse. The calming effect of the greenery is enhanced by the murmuring of a fountain in cool blue slate.