• Naturalistic garden

    Naturalistic garden

    In Brittany, a joyous refuge named The Willow Garden

    This garden close to nature nestled in the countryside near Dinan offers many refuges for wildlife. There are all the nuances of the wild, from the most controlled to the most free.

  • Naturalistic garden

    Naturalistic garden

    La ferme ornée de Carrouges, a cleverly landscaped bocage

    A garden that illustrates the passion of its creators for exceptional trees and plants and the constant search for a balance with nature.

  • Green heritage

    Green heritage

    A landscaped setting for old roses

    Relaying past and present, the gardens of La Croze near the Forez mountains are part of a long gardening tradition, to which a new rose garden and the creation of the kitchen garden give new life.

  • Discovery


    The gardens of Uzège in the Gard

    In the Gard, near Uzès, the gardens are gradually revealing themselves to visitors, with among others, Le Plaisir, a landscaped masterpiece on the banks of the Rhône, and an ambitious makeover for the Abbey of Saint- André.

  • Portfolio


    Various irises

    A selection of curiosities that completes the collections of large irises and enriches the garden with new nuances

  • Eastern influence

    Eastern influence

    Cressia's garden workshop

    In the Jura, a garden designed around a Japanese inspiration, then declined to other elsewhere, with a succession of scenes inspired by faraway destinations and a meticulous attention to detail that commands admiration.

  • Roses selection

    Roses selection

    An alliance of roses in complete harmony

    The selection of roses from the gardens of La Croze in Auvergne draws on the diversity of old and neoclassical roses from André Eve's catalog.

  • Garden staging

    Garden staging

    The inventive universe of a inspired gardener

    A former nurseryman, Michel Manevy tirelessly creates and recreates plant scenes, in an enchanted maze dedicated to his passion for rare plants.

  • Green heritage

    Green heritage

    La Villa Fort France at its peak

    Radiant on the terraces of hundred-year-old olive trees, this garden is one of the most charming of the Nice hinterland. Over the years, it has been populated with a wide variety of roses and flowers, in subtle contrasts.