• Variations on the Rose Garden - 2

    Variations on the Rose Garden - 2

    Old Roses and Lupins in Auvergne

    This two-hectare garden perched at 700 metres from the edge of the Puys mountain range is home to over one thousand old roses. The cool acid soil is ideal for creating fabulous and quite unique mixes of lupins and roses.

  • Variations on the Rose Garden - 3

    Variations on the Rose Garden - 3

    Life is Good in Lush Flanders

    La Tribonnerie is home to a cornucopia of roses, as well as an impressive shrub colleciton, including handsome cornus and viburnum. Brigitte and Alain Declercq have succeeded in creating a garden that flows and that has a distinctly English touch.

  • Variations on the Rose Garden - 4

    Variations on the Rose Garden - 4

    Amidst Roses and Olive Trees in Ramatuelle

    This very colourful rose garden is made up of pergolas and thematic squares and was completely in two stages. The most recent landscaping efforts have been most successful at linking the garden to the surrounding environment yet also created new intimate spaces.

  • Roses Old and New

    Roses Old and New

    Our selection of new creations and rediscovered old roses

    Spring is a time for rose lovers to discover new creations as well as old roses made available once again thanks to the efforts of devoted rose specialists.

  • Swimming Pools in Landscaping

    Swimming Pools in Landscaping

    Swimming pools are finding a new place in landscape design

    At last, the installation of a swimming pool or jacuzzi is being considered in the context of the landscape and garden in which it is to be placed.

  • Landscaping Sketchbook

    Landscaping Sketchbook

    Making the most of different levels

    Breaking up different levels lets the landscape designer adapt to a hillside plot or add greater interest to a ho-hum flat site.

  • French Rose Gardens

    French Rose Gardens

    Discover our selection of France's most interesting rose gardens

    Now's the time to discover France's long love affair with the rose, and in this month's issue we share our selection of favourite public rose gardens, private gardens, rose growers and rose-rich villages.

  • Variations on the Rose Garden - 1

    Variations on the Rose Garden - 1

    Near Orleans, roses mingle with foxgloves

    This charming garden in Meung-sur-Loire is home to an impressive collection of heritage roses planted around a vast cobbled courtyard. Classic beauties such as ‘Pierre de Ronsard’, ‘Cécile Brunner’ and ‘Neige d’Avril’ illuminate the walls, while handsome shrub height roses are highlighted by spires of foxgloves.

  • Portfolio


    Hepatica japonica

    Even the plant itself is less impressive, the delicate flowers of the Hepatica japonica are precious little jewels, prized by Japanese gardens for their elegant composition.