• Dry gardens

    Dry gardens

    A Mediterranean landscaper takes inspiration from New Zealand

    The landscape designer Jean-Laurent Felizia mixes local Mediterranean plants with species from New Zealand to create gardens naturally resistant to drought.

  • Timelessness and poetry

    Timelessness and poetry

    A garden that is a theater of the seasons

    Located in a part of Normandy subject to strong winds and lots of rain, this sophisticated garden features a collection of trees that show off their best all year long.

  • One park, ten narratives

    One park, ten narratives

    Discover the ten gardens of Mosaic, a park dedicated to human cultural heritage

    Open to the public free of charge, this park in the surburbs of Lille proposes a series of artists' interpretations of the cultural origins of the inhabitants of northern France.

  • One collection, one passion

    One collection, one passion

    The magical universe of orchids

    Until recently only a small percentage of tropical orchids were accessible to non-professionals. Today, specialized nurseries in France offer a wide range of botanical and hybrid orchids.

  • One collection, one passion

    One collection, one passion

    Meet the snowdrop specialist from Belgium

    In her nursery near Bruges, Cathy Portier grows a wide selection of snowdrops and watches lovingly over her collection of over three hundreds species.

  • Life after the deluge

    Life after the deluge

    Moulin Jaune, a garden under water

    The celebrated clown Slava Polunin's vast garden was completely flooded last spring, like many others in the Ile-de-France region. Using his reliable wit and panache, Slava shows us how he dealt with the deluge and imagined the garden's rebirth.

  • Gardens and floods

    Gardens and floods

    Plants that resist temporary flooding

    Some species can adapt to full immersion in water and stand up to temporary flood conditions with flying colours.

  • Urban landscape design

    Urban landscape design

    Green city landscaping and urban agriculture

    Agricultural plants, both in allotments and in landscaping, are becoming more and more popular in cities, as urban dwellers seek to make up for the lack of or distance to the countryside.

  • Landscape sketchbook

    Landscape sketchbook

    Decor and perspective

    This edition's Landscape Sketchbook considers how decorative accessories can be used to change the perception of space and volume in a garden.

  • Discovery


    Santa Lucia, the emerald island

    Embark for this emerald jewel in the West Indies, whose volanic slopes and tropical forests have inspired some magnificent gardens.

  • Portfolio



    The Stellar family of hybrid pelargoniums offer a whole new way to appreciate these trusty perennials and a refreshing change from the familiar commercial varieties.