• Discovery


    Immersion in the Normandy bocage

    To the west of the Perche, the bocages and forests conceal some garden gems, very different from each other. Shade garden, collection of shrubs, contemporary space, Renaissance-inspired garden: so many addresses to explore during the summer, from the Andaine region to the Domfrontais.

  • Contemporary embroideries

    Contemporary embroideries

    The Charterhouse of Colombier

    In Périgord, Bernard Hautefort has patiently designed over the years a plant environment that subtly highlights the architecture of the place around a charterhouse and its outbuildings.

  • Between art and nature

    Between art and nature

    The Jardin des Oules in the Gard

    This large garden is an example of a successful staging of contemporary works of art in a carefully restored plant setting which is entirely devoted to enjoying the discovery and highlighting them.

  • Portfolio



    The nemesias, also called Cape snapdragons, work wonders in the plantations of borders, baskets and suspensions with their generous flowering. Often restricted to urban compositions because they last all summer, they are with petunias and other snapdragons, the little hands of summer flowering, and we can appreciate them as such with their multicolored finery full of fantasy.

  • Floral Variations

    Floral Variations

    Le Jardin des Sources in Normandy

    Bathed in three springs, the garden delivers resplendent combinations of foliage and its water garden is in itself a small masterpiece. The Jardin des Sources also highlights the roses, which flourish in most of the beds accompanied by pavost and nepetas.

  • Passion collection

    Passion collection

    Oakleaf hydrangeas, a spectacle from summer to fall

    Oak-leaved hydrangeas (H. quercifolia) offer a wide variety of volumes and offer the means to liven up the beds until the end of the season. Here is a review of best-sellers in the collection of the Hortensias du Haut-Bois nursery in Brittany.

  • Floral Variations

    Floral Variations

    In Loire-Atlantique, a blazing bias

    A generous exoticism, however controlled, makes all the charm of this private garden of Machecoul, created by Michel Béranger. This plant lover loves in particular the coral or erythrina tree, native to South America, of which he has gathered a fine collection, grown in the ground or under cover.

  • Floral Variations

    Floral Variations

    In Alsace a farandole of roses

    Entirely designed around a traditional pavilion, this private garden, Farandole pour un Curieux (farandole for a Curious), pays homage to roses, combined with compositions of perennials.