n°48 - Winter 2020-2021

In the Winter 2020-2021 issue:

The Botanical Park of Haute Bretagne, artists' gardens  in Normandy, La Noria in Provence, dogwood trees, selection of shade plants at Vert'Tige nursery, discovery of the gardens of Barbados , pelargoniums portfolio...


In the Winter 2020-2021 issue:

Contents: The  Botanical Park of Haute Bretagne and Alain Jouno's landscape explorations in Brittany, artists' gardens and sources of inspiration in Normandy: the dreamed garden of Juliette and Jacques Damville and the natural display garden of the sculptor Alex Cassel and the painter Malgorzata Paszko, the Sculpture Meadow in the garden of La Noria in Provence, selection of dogwoods, sublime pagoda trees, the oriental shade plants of Vert'Tige, discovery of the gardens of Barbados, pelargoniums portfolio ...

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