n°56 - Winter 2022-2023

In the Winter 2022-2023 issue:

a special issue devoted to the consequences of climate change for our gardens


In the Winter 2021-2022 issue:

Contents: a special issue entirely dedicated to the consequences of climate change in our gardens. Constant rise in the average temperature, violent episodes, drought… new imbalances are inscribing their mark on the landscape and calling into question the hitherto rather quiet course of our gardens, to the point of undoubtedly transforming their composition as much as the techniques. implemented for their design and maintenance.
The most immediate effects of climate change are obviously the increasingly marked water deficit and not only in summer, and the rise in average temperatures, including during winter. Find in this special issue, a detailed review by climatic zone over the regions with many testimonials from specialists, landscapers, nurserymen...

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