Number 55 of The Art of Gardens Editorial

Number 55 of The Art of Gardens

will be released on October 30

Slightly delayed to allow us to report on the novelties of the season and take advantage of the last fine summer days with nex reports, the fall issue is scheduled for October 30.

This summer's drought has left us wanting more reporting, because it's hard to capture the balance of a beautiful garden when the trees are thinning out and the lawns are turning into doormats. But even if it was severe, especially in terms of fires, this heat wave episode was not the worst we have known. The revival quickly arrived with the storms and rains of early September, and we took advantage of this respite to complete the range of new places that we will offer you in L'Art des Jardins over the coming seasons.

We have thus postponed the start of the editorial office by a few weeks, which will also allow us to offer you in the next issue the selections of new plants and trophies awarded to Saint-Jean de Beauregard. We will hold our favorite stand near the castle and will have the pleasure of welcoming you there if you come to give in to your favorites.

The explosion in the price of paper and energy – the ink on our pages is gas-dried – is having an impact on the press economy more than ever, with further increases in paper prices already expected from this month of September and in October. This development has led us, like many publishers, to tighten the pagination of the journal, but if this guarantees us to continue our regular publications, we cannot be satisfied with it. We have therefore chosen to offer next year a revised and expanded edition of L'Art des Jardins to take the opposite view of this undergone evolution. And in the meantime, we are preparing for the last issue of this year an edition with an original theme that you will not want to miss.

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