L'Art des Jardins Monthly - March 2023 is online Editorial

L'Art des Jardins Monthly - March 2023 is online

on our new web reader

To follow the news of the garden world between 2 quarterly publications of L'Art des Jardins, we offer this new monthly publication, in digital version, whose first issue of the year has just been published.

rom now on, and this is a novelty, L'Art des Jardins is available in its entirety in a digital version, allowing free consultation on any computer, tablet or smartphone via our web reader.

It is coupled with L'Art des Jardins Mensuel, our monthly publication which makes the link around the news between the quarterly publications, offers unpublished content which does not find its place in the magazine, and which is exclusively accessible in digital version.

Access to L'Art des Jardins in digital version is only possible by subscription, and our different formulas allow you to take out a 100% digital subscription or to combine receipt of the paper magazine and full access to the web portal.

If you don't want to miss any news from the world of the garden, it is therefore 4 quarterly publications and 10 monthly publications of L'Art des Jardins which are accessible with a simple click, for only 49 € per year (89 € with the paper magazine in France, 99 € in mainland Europe, UK and Switzerland).

Good reading !

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