L'Art des Jardins n°60 Editorial

L'Art des Jardins n°60

Released February 2

Issue 60 of L'Art des Jardins, dated winter, has been slightly postponed. It will be released on February 2.

Without looking back on past years, while measuring the progress made since issue 1 in spring 2009, L'Art des Jardins resolutely places itself in the perspective of the future with this special issue.
We explore the avenues that open up for the future evolution of garden art, in a context which invites us to rethink our gardens around their fundamental values.

We are highlighting some ideas and references to renew the inspiration of our gardens in line with certain constraints, particularly climatic ones, to which they must adapt.

This issue 60 will appear on newsstands on February 2.
If you received issue 59 of the fall at home, this issue is included in your subscription. Good reading.

We wish our readers all the best for this new year. Thanking you for your loyalty.

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