The Art of Gardens Monthly is online Editorial

The Art of Gardens Monthly is online

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In addition to the spring issue of L'Art des Jardins, released in the newsstands at the beginning of April, we are offering a new edition of our 100% digital monthly to take stock of all the appointments of the month and much more...

The monthly digital publication of L'Art des Jardins is a real magazine of around thirty pages to read and leaf through on a tablet, smartphone or computer. Its purpose is to serve as a monthly supplement to the seasonal edition of the paper quarterly, ie nearly 100 supplement pages with 100% original content.

We include in particular developments in our Agenda and News section, with more detailed or updated information, and you will thus find most of the latest information available on appointments of the month, plant festivals, exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, remarkable events... and all the information, surveys, analyses, reports that did not find a place in the paper magazine...

In this May issue, the gardens of Marqueyssac, which are celebrating their 25th anniversary, are in the spotlight, and we offer you a report on the 6th interviews at Chambord around historic fruit and vegetable gardens.

If you are a subscriber to L'Art des Jardins, the monthly subscription to L'Art des Jardins costs only €19 per year!
And our subscription formulas leave you free to choose whether or not to include this monthly meeting in your subscription to the paper magazine.

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