New year, new look Editorial

New year, new look

L'Art des Jardins, new events in 2023

The winter issue of L'Art des Jardins will be published on January 27 with a dossier of over 100 pages devoted to the consequences of climatic extremes on our gardens. Above all, it inaugurates a revival of the magazine that you appreciate around our desire to reconnect with our original version.

Yes, issue 56 of L'Art des Jardins is a special issue in more ways than one!

First of all, this exceptional issue revives the original large format of L'Art des Jardins, with its black logo on a white background and a greatly enriched pagination.

Going against the constraints imposed on the press by the rise in paper prices and transport costs, we wanted to give back all the space and depth necessary for our common passion for gardens. We love beautiful images, their enhancement, the pleasure of leafing through a beautiful collectible magazine.
And it is therefore in this new format that you will find your quarterly magazine at each season next year, with its usual sections, our exclusive reports, our botanical selections and all the news from the garden world in France and elsewhere.

We have postponed the winter issue, which usually appears at Christmas, to the end of January to prevent it from remaining in the reserves, the garden press section disappearing completely at the time of the holidays. And this gap gives us the time to produce in this next issue a special dossier of more than 100 pages on the consequences of climate change for our gardens, with dozens of testimonies from scientists, landscapers, nurserymen and gardeners, a survey fascinating and which is a continuation of our special issue "Le Jardin au Futur" published at the end of 2019.

More info, more reading possibilities

Press distribution is in danger of disappearing, and if we are strongly attached to the printed press for its incomparable qualities, we cannot ignore the current trends for digital reading media such as smartphones, tablets and computers. .

As of the next issue, we will be offering the reading of L’Art des Jardins in a digital version, accessible via our dedicated reader on any device with a web connection. And as many of you appreciated our digital publication L'Art des Jardins Mensuel at the start of the year, which links two quarterly issues, we will be relaunching this formula at the end of January. We look forward to get time enough to offer an interantional english version too.

Subscription prices unchanged

A price increase is foreseeable next year if the upward trends persist among our suppliers, but we have decided not to increase our subscription prices for the time being. A bet made possible by an internal budgetary rebalancing, which allow us to maintain our subscription prices unchanged for a time.

We are expanding the reading possibilities for all audiences by redefining our subscription formulas around the type of consultation chosen with three simple formulas: paper, digital and paper + digital without changing our prices. And as of today, we invite you to subscribe, re-subscribe, offer L'Art des Jardins, and make the magazine known to those around you. Until December 31, we are offering an exceptional discount of €10 on all subscription plans with the promo code RED23.
If your subscription is still in service, you can of course renew it now and take advantage of the discount, without the risk of paying twice for the same issue...

Thank you for your support

L'Art des Jardins

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