L'Art des Jardins n°59 is published Editorial

L'Art des Jardins n°59 is published

and n°7 of Parcs & Jardins de France is approaching

The autumn issue of L'Art des Jardins gives pride of place to evolving gardens, which fit into the present times with beautiful creativity. It appears on newsstands at the end of the week and will soon be followed by issue no. 7 of Parcs & Jardins de France devoted to the Grand Est region.

Finding the resources to revive an old garden or restore its luster to a heritage home often requires a good dose of creativity. Today, climate change also requires choices to perpetuate the garden by changing its plant composition.
Romantic gardens, Mediterranean experiments, a projection into what the gardens of the future would be... from England to the Var coast, this issue brings together a beautiful range of remarkable places.

To follow at the end of the month, the publication of n°7 of Parcs & Jardins de France devoted to the gardens of the Grand Est region, from the Vosges foothills to the Alsatian plain, from the Champagne hillsides to the Ardennes forests, from the Lorraine gardens to the riches heritage places and botanical gardens open to the public... a 148-page special edition, a true regional guide organized by visit themes.

Issue 60 of L'Art des Jardins, which will mark the 15th year of the magazine, will appear next January.

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