L'Art des Jardins 2023 Editorial

L'Art des Jardins 2023

Focus on new subscription offers

From the next winter issue of L'Art des Jardins which will be published on January 27, you will find the quarterly magazine and its large format of 148 pages, with new versions allowing you to consult it on any digital medium, smartphone, tablet or computer.

While our winter issue usually appears a little before Christmas, at a time when garden news is not very busy, we have chosen to produce a in-depth report on the multiple consequences of climate change in our gardens and to postpone it to the end of January to have time to gather as many testimonies as possible. Because without there being any need to discuss the origin of the erratic changes we are witnessing, we have all been able to observe during the year that the barometer no longer necessarily follows the quiet course of the seasons. The vagaries of the weather have real effects on the plants, shrubs and trees in our gardens, the methods of cultivation and maintenance, the choices available to us to maintain a floral, aesthetic or landscape balance despite heat strokes and storms.

When deciding on the layout of this special issue, we retraced our own steps and finally chose to bring L'Art des Jardins closer to its original look, with its large page format, generous pagination, large images… A way of reaffirming our values around a magazine that refuses to give in to resignation before the oracles of the constant decline in sales of a press condemned to impoverishment by rising manufacturing and transport costs. The garden is a living universe that always finds the path to resilience through the strength of those who create it and care for it. This magazine, which follows its evolution, must also disregard the constraints of the moment, the small renunciations of each other, because it accompanies a movement of creation and renewal that has never dried up since its launch. We still have a lot to tell and to discover, to testify to what is becoming of the art of gardens and the hopes it carries in the search for a balance for our societies. This quest for resilience, beyond the refuge that is our private gardens, is the ambition of this new formula which is part of a continuity since the No. 1 of L'Art des Jardins: to discover the richness of our gardens, the depth of the values they represent in the most rewarding form.

And it is therefore in this new format that you will find your quarterly magazine throughout the seasons throughout next year, with its usual sections, our exclusive reports, our botanical selections and all the news from the garden world in France and elsewhere.

Classical print or digital, choose your reading mode

We can favor the printed press and its regular purchase from a newsstand dealer, without however ignoring that a majority of our fellow citizens have their eyes permanently riveted on a screen. The art of gardens is not a rearguard fight, and we have no vocation to ignore readers who do not read on paper or who cannot afford to buy a magazine – necessarily expensive because there are no more ads in our sector –.

So after a successful attempt at the beginning of this year, L'Art des Jardins also returns to digital in 2023, with on the one hand the digital version of the quarterly paper, which will be available from the end of January at the same time as the latter to be read on smartphone, tablet or computer via a dedicated e-eader, and on the other hand, the relaunch of the L'Art des Jardins Mensuel supplement – which we are unable to offer in print – to make the link between two editions of the magazine.

We are thus broadening the possibilities of reading for all audiences by redefining our subscription formulas around the type of consultation chosen with three simple formulas: paper, digital and paper + digital... and this without increasing our prices!

We have redesigned The Art of Gardens as a special event to inaugurate the new year, with its large thematic dossier that may interest those who do not have a garden, because climate change affects us all. And we are offering to make it a gift, for yourself or for a loved one, until December 31, an exceptional discount of €10 on all subscription formulas, including formulas for Europe, UK, Switzerland and other countries.

Thank you for your support

Important clarification if your subscription is still valid: you can renew it now and take advantage of the discount, avoiding any subsequent price increase, and of course, without the risk of paying twice for the same number.

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